5 things you can do for Mother's Day during isolation

Summer Lee
By Summer Lee
3 months ago
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While we shouldn’t need an occasion to celebrate Mums, this Sunday 10 May is the perfect opportunity to send love to the special women in our lives.  Fast forward to the inevitable scramble for the last-minute Mother’s Day gift.  Well, wine is never an unwelcome gift option. 

While it might be tempting to opt for mum’s go-to bottle, something she is already guaranteed to love, it's also the perfect time to gently show mum something new.  

We have put together the perfect isolation style Mother’s Day guide of things we can do while there’s a law standing in the way of us taking mum out for the classic Mother’s Day Lunch.  And, paired it with the perfect wine. 

1.  The at home restaurant experience.

This is perfect for those mofos that live under the same roof as Mum/wife/partner.  You know what she loves, so spoil her with a glass of her favourite chardonnay paired with a delicious home-cooked meal.
Chardonnay generally has a creamy texture with a zesty citrus finish so is a delicious match for Roast Chicken or vegetable bake.  

Play the role of waiter, add candles, napkin service… the entire works. However, this means that you are also playing the integral role of dishwasher, i.e cleaning up afterwards!

Perfect wine pairing:  chardonnay.

2.  The isolation spa day.

Spa and rosé, then come the chocolates and roses baby!  This one is a good one for the dads at home, on behalf of the kids!  Plan a “day at the spa” by running a hot bubble bath, complete with candles, a glass (or bottle) of wine, relaxing music and a locked door.  A rosé cools Mum down, tastes of strawberries and cream and makes her feel good, a spiritual pairing, is it not?  

Feel free to set a movie up on the iPad if music isn’t an option.  It’s also imperative that you provide chocolate and/or strawberries for her to nibble on mid-relaxation.  

Perfect wine pairing:  rosé... duh.

3.  The Zoom lunch date with her best friend.

Make it a Mother’s Day surprise for two by conspiring with her friend’s family.  Video chats are thirsty work when bff's haven't seen each other for months during isolation, so crack open a bottle of the bff's favourite catch up wine, and remember to pop in from time to time for the much anticipated top up.  Wine and chats go together like, well, I actually can't think of a better pairing than that.

While the friends are getting their much needed chats on, get the kids to help you clean the house.  No kids?  Clean the fur baby AND the house.  

Perfect wine pairing:  sauvignon blanc.

4.  Champagne breakfast in bed, hold the soggy vegemite toast.

Breakfast in bed on Mother's Day—it may sound like a cliché, but it will truly warm any Mum's heart.  Little hands can whip up their Mum's favourite meal which may vary from smoked salmon and leek scramble to banana pancakes... whatever the dish, a glass of bubbly will make it super special.  

Perfect wine pairing:  Champagne.

5. The (iso) Mum hall pass.

Mum's truly only get one day of the year to themselves; Mother's Day.  And even then, they still have to work.  Sometimes Mums just need a break, but their lives simply won’t allow it. 

The raw truth is, Mums can sometimes feel mentally and physically wasted, so it’s on us — to give her a break this Mother's Day.   Do you know what pairs well with having a break?  Wine.  

Take over the shopping list, laundry, return family phone calls, cooking and all there is to do in a day in the life of Mum.  Let her lay on the couch with a glass (or bottle) of red wine and a rom-com.

Perfect wine pairing:  sangiovese.

And there you have it, our top 5 things you can do for Mum this Mother's Day during isolation. Let us know what you’re planning, tweet us @vinomofo

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