Netflix and sip: New wines to drink with new releases

Nikki Michaels
By Nikki Michaels
about 1 month ago
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Netflix and sip returns with a new installment running the gamut from sci-fi and Italian vino to tearjerkers and structured reds. Get ready to chill, mofos.

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Watch: Marriage Story | Drink: Zinfandel

With a slew of high-profile awards from this season, six Oscar nominations (Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Score), and an all-but-guaranteed Academy Award win for Laura Dern in the Supporting category, Marriage Story is easily the buzziest title on this list — and it’s also the most devastating. Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson play a couple navigating a divorce, and everything is very moving, very deep, and very intense.

Pretty much the exact descriptors we’d use for this classic California zinfandel.

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Watch: The Witcher | Drink: Buttery chardonnay

Netflix’s adaptation of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy books may not star what you’d call excellent acting, but it does star excellent abs in the form of Superman Henry Cavill. So there’s that. If you’re not into abs, we’ve also got some sweet special effects and a guilty-pleasure-esque fantasy fix for the Game of Thrones fans among us.

And speaking of guilty pleasures: we’d recommend pairing it with a big ol’ buttery chardonnay.

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Watch: You (Season 2) | Drink: Cabernet sauvignon

Joe Goldberg (aka Dan Humphrey, aka Penn Badgley) returns for round two in Netflix’s dark, creepy, twisty, murdery, totally addictive series about a man with stalker leanings who tends to, let’s say, obsess over certain women. You’s already been renewed for Season 3 (although we’ll have to wait until 2021) — but as far as Season 2 goes, ain’t no better pairing than an equally dark, juicy, unputdownable version of the eminently drinkable King of the Grapes: cabernet sauvignon.

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Watch: Cheer | Drink: Grüner veltliner

Think cheerleading is all frilly pom-poms and sparkly hair ribbons and high-kicks? Allow Cheer to change your mind. This inside look at the world of elite competitive cheerleading reveals just how tough and intense the sport really is — and how it can change an athlete’s life for the better. It’s also an illuminating window into the curious world of Americana: the politics, the culture, and the singular atmosphere of Texas.

We suggest watching it with a glass of something similarly unique and complex in hand. Grüner veltliner, perhaps?

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Watch: Sex Education (Season 2) | Drink: A GSM blend

Honestly, this show is just so good. From the audible-gasp-worthy opening scene of Season 2 to the myriad quiet tearjerkers to the blatantly outrageous, Sex Education deserves every ounce of the praise it’s received for its messy, realistic, hilarious, moving exploration of what essentially amounts to every person’s need to feel loved and accepted.

Each and every character in this series is quirky, distinctive, and fully realised — so watch with a solid block of uninterrupted time ahead of you (you’ll want to binge) and and a red blend featuring an equally well-matched cast of varietals. Our pick: this GSM blend.


Let us know your thoughts, mofos – and be sure to tell us your favourite wine’n’watch match on Instagram!