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aperi·tivo. noun. A beverage consumed prior to a meal with the intention of stimulating the appetite. Well, we’ve got that covered right here, with only the best. DOCG Prosecco, Cru Classé rosé and properly boutique barrel-fermented Kiwi savvy. This box is how to begin the night in style. 

Every case contains a bottle of each of the following party-starters:

Prosecco DOC

Bortolomiol Prior Prosecco DOCG 2017

It turns out that this is no mere Prosecco - this is Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG. That’s right, Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita. Garantita. You know what I’m sayin’. Here, let me save you the trouble of going to lmgtfy.com. Most Prosecco is grown on plains - 20,000ha of them. But Prosecco Superiore is grown on steep hillsides in the foothills of the Dolomites, which dictates hand-tending and hand-picking. The resultant wines are much higher quality, very dry and very delicious. And delicious is all we’re after, really. But what’s Valdobbiadene? I’m glad you asked. It’s a town in the province of Treviso, Veneto, and Prosecco Superiore is grown only between here and Conegliano. Now you know.

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Château La Clapiére Cru Classé Rosé 2017

You can’t fake this kind of fun and flavour. This rosé is one of only 18 illustrious Cru Classé estates internationally recognised as Provence’s best rosés. This particular pink is made from cinsault, grenache and syrah - it’s a super pretty wine with delicate wafts of fine perfume, tropical fruits, sage and rocky mineral notes. It’s moderate intensity, more a play on delicacy and finesse than power. It finishes peachy and plummy with a crisp citrus crunch. If you’re after a real deal pink drink from Provence, then this isn’t a wine to miss. It’s no coincidence that it’s pronounced “clap - YEAH!”. Fun fact: this classic Provençal bottle shape actually has a few hundred years of historic background, and was coined by the Fabre family almost 70 years ago now. It’s nicknamed the “Mae West” for its shapely curves (and the era it came from, obviously).

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Sauvignon Blanc

3sixty2 Sauvignon Blanc 2016
Tomato Leaf

Our Kiwi Wine Dealer Josh introduced us to this wine with a bit of nervous excitement. I can see why. This is obviously one of those wines that gets you a little hot under the collar, a little flushed that you find yourself loving a variety that you swore you wouldn’t. It kicks off with charred fennel, passionfruit, and a little tomato bush (but nowhere near too much). It’s a nose that draws you in. The palate flows on - minerally, tropical, flinty and fine, with some biscuity leesiness, but only a tickle. It’s fleshy and fine, lovely and long. It’s not too serious, instead easily approachable and impossible not to like a lot, at the very least, thanks to its seamless acidity. A stunner of a savvy. Thanks Josh. We’re in.

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