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Another year, another battle, and another bottle of Art of War. Comrades of the ’fo, the long-awaited ’17 is here. Having marched to its own beat since 2011, this bold shiraz has quickly become a beloved hero. 



Made by Kym Teusner 

Kym Teusner is one of the great grape whisperers of the Barossa Valley. A legendary vigneron, shiraz fiend and all-round nice guy, we had to pinch ourselves when he agreed to join us on a vino collab way back then. With the sixth edition of the fruits of this collaboration, we’re as stoked as day one with the results. 

Art of War 2017 comes from a single, sustainably-run vineyard of mature shiraz vines (clone 1654, for the geeks among us) in the Angaston foothills, in deep soils of coarse sand over red clay. Kym tells us it was planted to vineyard over 100 years ago, which was then replanted to a fruit orchard, which was then ripped out and replanted to vineyard again about a quarter century ago. Appropriate how even as a twinkle in your future wine glass, this wine fought for supremacy.

The Process

We reckon we’ve stepped up our war game again with this ’17. The vintage saw a wet winter and spring, plus a cool start to the growing season. Harvest happened at least a couple of weeks later across the board, and wines of incredible flavour length and finesse were seen. “Not a boisterous year,” said one maker, “rather one with exceptional elegance and poise.”

After careful hand-picking, Kym let the fruit acquaint itself with its own yeast before guiding it along the tightrope of fermentation. The wine was treated to a rest in mostly older oak for eight months, to allow fruit and site to speak clearly.

The Wine

The site expresses itself through effortless, affable structure and styling. Rich dark chocolate plus blue and black berries are joined by the piquancy of redcurrant jam and a refreshing red apple juiciness. Not a foot out of place, it walks the Barossa talk with its undeniable, silken swagger of fruit-driven freshness and savoury, fine-dusted tannins. Most importantly, this is uber-drinkable. It talks of the clarity that Kym set out with, to create a wine with depth and character. 

Art of War transcends blood, sweat and vintage to reach the depth and clarity of hard-won satisfaction. The results speak for themselves. 

Victory never tasted so good.

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