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Why do we love this wine?

The love from this wine just keeps rolling on, vintage after vintage. And this year we’ve got none other than the impressive Jim Chatto at the helm. Jim oversees the whole Kreglinger winemaking ship, which includes Norfolk Rise, Pipers Brook, Ninth Island, and of course Kreglinger. The consistency that he and talented senior winemaker Alice Baker manage to, well... bake into this wine year after year is astounding. Especially considering the price.



This shiraz is from the lush Mount Benson, a beautiful part of the Limestone Coast that’s taking a new lease on life in the wine world thanks to wines like this. The 2017 has that same exuberant blueberry juiciness and a soft, fine dark cocoa flavour that permeates the palate. With cherries, olive, pepper and layers of savoury fruit following through, it’s a wine that’ll lift that Sunday roast lamb to superlative levels. Or if meat isn’t your thing, it’s a humble enough wine to happily handle a big ol’ hunk of bread and cheese.

This wine is part of our Women in Wine collection. We are committed to ALWAYS having wines available that are made by women. We already support so many women in the industry but we want to make this much more transparent and visible for our mofos. We want to make a real and lasting impact in an industry that is sadly still dominated by men. And this is the first step. Here’s to our Women in Wine! 


Jane Faulkner, Halliday Wine Companion
Limestone Coast Wine Show
Limestone Coast Wine Show
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4 black star Halliday rated winery

Senior Winemaker: Alice Baker

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Mount Benson
Alcohol by Vol.
Bottle Vol
Blend Info
100% Shiraz
Serving Temp.


Norfolk Rise


Mount Benson
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