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Every decade or so, there’s a wine offering that signifies a step change in the vinous landscape. This is one of those wines. Welcome to the new wine industry, mofos. 


Orange Blossom

This wine, emblazoned with its own very mission statement, says to the world – says to you: ‘Enough with middlemen fees and fake labels. They can keep their wines with no provenance; no story; no meaning. This. Is. Empathy.’

Empathy for the makers and the drinkers. And Vinomofo is bringing GaryVee’s Empathy Wines to the world stage, with their first ever wine offering.

What is Empathy?

We’re pretty damn excited to be exclusively launching this singular, story-led Californian wine in Australia.

“It’s not just an awesome rosé,” says JD, our illustrious CEO and leader, “it cements our commitment to bringing the best and most cutting edge wines to our wine-loving tribe of mofos.”

It is an awesome rosé too, of course. Gary and his mates (and co-founders of Empathy) Jon Troutman and Nate Scherotter, found three like-minded spirits in Northern California – farmers who shared their need to change the wine landscape for the better. Across Lake Country and Lodi, Clay Shannon, Markus Bokisch and the Mettler Family answered the call to co-create the best rosé money could buy, at a price that everyone could afford.

The wine draws from global inspiration, with a cheeky wink to France. Think Northern Cali boldness meets French styling. A juicy blend of grapes, with grenache and syrah up front giving it gusto, spicy mouthfeel and earthen richness. Pinot noir gives it silkiness and secrecy to counter its aromatic exuberance. The result is a wine of unmistakable personality, tension, texture and individuality. Gary called this “probably the greatest rosé ever made.” He would say that... luckily, it’s damn good.

More about Empathy Wines & GaryVee

Gary Vaynerchuk, aka GaryVee, is a rockstar in the worlds of wine and entrepreneurship, best known for his own Wine Library TV and the VaynerMedia empire. 5.5 million Instagram followers agree. Empathy Wines is his newest venture, and the company’s mission aligns perfectly with Vinomofo’s mission to connect everyone with wine they’ll love, at the right price. 

“Whoever has the most empathy for the consumers and the farmer will win the wine game,” says Vaynerchuk. “That’s why I’m calling it Empathy.”

Of course, if you want to know what winning tastes like, you’ll have to buy your own bit of pink history.

And if you miss out, we feel for you.

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Alcohol by Vol.
Bottle Vol
Blend Info
32% shiraz, 24% pinot noir, 18% grenache, 9% barbera, 9% tannat, 5% carignan, 3% muscat
Serving Temp.


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